Before planning a home renovation or design project, it is imperative that homeowners do their homework when it comes to hiring a team that will complete the project to their expectations.
To ensure a successful project, ask potential contractors the right questions and even more importantly, hire the one that you can trust to meet your needs and back up what they’re promising.

    •    Ask for referrals. Start your search by going to local independent lumberyards who deal with contractors on a regular basis. Ask the staff to refer you to contractors with whom they enjoy strong working relationships.

    •    Interview your prospects. Good questions will reveal a company’s availability and reliability. Ask: What size projects do you take on? Can you provide references? How many other projects would you have going on at the same time? How long have you known your subcontractors?

    •    Compare apples to apples. Once you have a short list of contractors you believe you could work well with, find out exactly what they can do for you. A good contractor will want to see your blueprints and/or meet with you to get a sense of your needs and wants on the project. When asking for bids, get contractors to break down the cost of materials, labour and other expenses.

    •    Communication and comfort. By far, the most important deciding factor in choosing a contractor is your comfort in working together. You must not only have confidence in their abilities but be sure that you can communicate well with each other.